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Any new features or tools which are added to the current store shall also be subject to the Terms of Service.
Please read these Terms of Service carefully before accessing or using our website. It is the responsibility of the user to check this page periodically for changes whenever they login or visit our page.
Beyond Packaging is the proprietor of all the materials that are used for the creation of our products. It is the right of beyond packaging that they can distribute free samples or display the custom created printed boxes for the customers in order to showcase our expertise and display the designs.

Copyright Terms

By visiting, accessing and/or utilizing our website, It is acknowledged/understood by the user that all the information and content displayed on our website, which includes written materials, software, data, images, photographs/pictures, graphics & illustrations, presentations, designs, maps, models, icons and other materials in their entirety fall under “Our Website Contents” and are therefore under the ownership of Beyond Packaging and beyondpackaging.us. Any kind of modification/altering, updating, duplication/copying, storing/ stockpiling, republishing, distribution and transmission or any general circulation of our content is strictly prohibited without our legal permission and our written approval. Beyond Packaging and beyondpackaging.us is the property of Nishaman, Inc. We have all the legal rights reserved. Beyond Packaging will take lawful action against any entity that uses our aliases.

Website's User Conduct

Any form of material such as written, photographic, video or audio that a user uploads, shares, publishes or gives out/disperses through beyondpackaging.us is entirely the responsibility of the user and Beyond Packaging will not include any texts, images, designs, trademarks, service marks, or any copyrighted work of any other party unless the user has obtained the legitimate authorizations from the material owners for its use. The user accepts and permits that they shall not involve Beyond Packaging in any content that is unpleasant, obscene, illegal & unlawful and cuts down our various users from utilizing the services of our website. Users shall not infringe the intellectual property rights & privileges of beyondpackaging.us or any other third party.
Beyond Packaging does not control or assure the conformity, dignity or the correctness of the contents shared by its users therefore we will not be liable for any web content that may be found indelicate or rude.
It is not obligatory for us to remove materials that may violate terms and conditions or which are thought of as disagreeable however beyondpackaging.us has the authority to remove any material that we may deem unworthy. The company has all the rights to keep the content posted on our website or may reveal it if required (a)comply with lawful process; (b) enforce the terms of service; (c) respond to declarations that the web materials disobey another organizations right; or (d) safekeeping the rights, property & the well-being of our organization, its users and the general public.
In order to avail our services, our users have the responsibility to provide beyondpackaging.us with the accurate information. Our website is intended for use by humans and not by any mechanical automations. Lawful action will be taken against any illegal act or misuse of our website or its content that is violating our terms and conditions.
Any customer/user that places and submits an order on beyondpackaging.us provides assurance that they have all the fundamental rights, warrants and control to submitting an order and therefore approve us to create items on their behalf. Users guarantee that they are of adequate legal age to abide by the official lawsuits.
Users are alone bound to keep their passwords protected and they control the access of their registered accounts on beyondpackaging.us. They are discouraged to reveal it to another user which may result in them being held liable for any unauthorized use of any personal or general information of Beyondpackaging.us or its customers. Anyone accessing a user’s account to place an order is the sole responsibility of the user and they are allowing the website to utilize, create, modify, distribute and display content from our website.
Unhindered access to our features and services requires our users to provide their emails & names. Therefore, we have the right to request any personal/business information if required.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability

A user agrees to safeguard, compensate and hold harmless Beyond Packaging and its affiliates including employees, members, agents workers, providers, representatives, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors from and against any claims or abuse, in the condition a claim or a declaration is made against the company because of the apparent wrong acts of the customers or unproven printing performed of the materials by the corporation and demanded by the shopper/customer. (a.) infringes any lawful safety of any particular individual; or (b.) includes occurrences that are hostile, rude, repulsive; and (c) are the outcomes of unauthorized access to any password-secured section of our website. Users shall be required to reimburse and keep us safe from any depletion, distress, vandalism or demolition which results because of any claim (1.) defend the company against any claims (2.) tip any verdict award; and (3.) paying us for any lawsuit fees and expenditures that are included.
In case of any misfortune or accident of any sort on our working staff or affiliates which is caused by either the usage of our website through the received information, or if any party was probable to damage, Beyond Packaging shall not be liable.
Under no circumstances shall our total liability to the users for all damages, misfortunes and causes of action including but not limited to irresponsibility, unfolding from this agreement or from User’s usage of our website be more than the sum paid by User’s to beyondpackaging.us for the order or request.

Policy for Return and Refund

Beyondpackaging.us provides packaging, printing & other product services according to each customer’s requirement and queries. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, our expert team handles the whole production procedure with individual attention towards the quality of the products & its delivery.
If the delivered products are not according to the customer’s requirement/specifications or if they are defective in any way that is not defined prior to production, then a free reprint of the order will be provided. The defect is determined by the management team of Beyond Packaging under the following conditions:

Order Placement, Payments and Cancellations

Beyond Packaging displays the prices of its products in USD (U.S Dollars) on our website and therefore we accept payments in the same currency. We place an order into production once a customer processes the entire amount due on them which includes taxes, shipping charges and such, through some authentic payment source/gateway. An order also requires the customer to send beyondpackaging.us with the ‘form of the product or services’ that are ordered, electronically or through a hard copy. Once the approval is provided by the client on their requested services & proofs, the printing tasks are sent into the press department without any further changes allowed. However, a customer may cancel the order within the duration of 4 hours after the approval of the proof, with a cancellation charge of 25$ and 5% of the total payment of their order. Although Beyond Packaging does not assure that one can cancel their order after the 24-hour time limit, Customers may also apply for cancellation of their orders with the charges of 50% or more of the total payment. The charges increase in order to cover the resources and the time wasted in making their products. Beyond Packaging may choose to cancel an order or process it whichever is in the best interest of the company.

Design Orders

Beyond Packaging does not allow any refunds for design services orders therefore customers cannot cancel an order once placed. The total payment will be non-refundable.

Sales Tax Policy

Customers who order from anywhere in the US, have to pay the sales tax. In case a customer has a tax-exemption certificate, they will need to show the certificate on the time of order.

Customers' Artwork / Files

Our Professional Design and Production Team produces an electronic or hard copy based on the artwork files provided by customers, as a Digital/Printed proof. We require our customers to provide their artworks and other such files in High Resolution 300 dpi and CMYK format with their final printable dimensions. If a customer does not fulfill this requirement, beyondpackaging.us will not be held responsible for the pixelation or color distortions that may appear on the final printed product since the colors change when converted into CMYK.
The client is solely in-charge of the orientation, alignments or sequence of the artworks & files and it is their responsibility. If the printed materials are not what they expected. We are in no way responsible for damage of any artwork/files that a client submits however we still take all the precautions we can to prevent its loss. All customers ensure that the materials that they upload to our website are their property under the law.
Beyond Packaging reserves the right to reject any order which we consider to be illegal or in violation of the rights of another party without prior notification or declaring reasons. Customers that place an order accept all liabilities of the materials printed under their directions. we can refuse any order without prior notification or declaring reasons. It is advised to our users/clients to not upload any harmful, obscene, offensive or profane material.

Color Precisions and Proofs

Orders will be produced and sent to the press once the electronic file or hard copy of the ordered product or services is approved by the client. As a customer, it is their duty to update and examine the proof and refrain from causing any delays. It should be noted that the shipping out time which is disclosed on our website and quotations is effective after the approval provided by the client.
We request clients to be careful and thorough while reviewing their proofs prior to approval. It is advised to compare it with the original file for possible errors in duplication, spacing, structure, punctuation, bleeds, size, crops and the final content. Clients need to make sure that electronic proof does not highlight transparency issues, overprinting or changes in color from conversion of file to CMYK. The appearance of the printed colors may get affected with the lamination or UV coating. Beyond Packaging will not be accountable for the final color appearance of the laminated products. The customer is fully responsible for all that is contained in the final approved proof.
The colors that are to be printed are extracted from the digital artwork however due to the limitations of printing processes, its accuracy cannot be assured and when a customer places an order, they agree to this drawback of the printing process. Beyond Packaging tries its best to provide the closest and accurate color but the company is not liable for color changes between expected and printed work. Beyond Packaging does not offer reprinting that falls under the system limitations. We are not responsible for the matching color, ink, density on the printed products which the client approves. However, the company guarantees the color precision and matching if a user orders a hard proof from the company.

No Liability for Errors

Beyond Packaging does not take responsibility for any errors in the final products such as:

Overruns / Underruns

As per standard trade practice, Beyond Packaging delivers the exact number of products ordered with a 5% extra or 5% less of the amount. The additional ones are absolutely free of charge. Under the condition of under running, we will deduct the amount of the delivered products only.

Gang Printing

Beyond Packaging doesn’t use the combined printing technique for the majority of its printing products. Based on the various demands of our customers, Beyond Packaging can adapt to any printing method suited to the company.

Production, Shipping and Delivery

Beyond Packaging only uses environment friendly production methods & materials that does not involve any hazardous effect on the climate or on animals.
Beyond Packaging starts its production time following:

During the order placement stage on our website, a customer can select the production pace from the number of working days of production to the shipping out day. Approval to the proof is required before 10 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). Beyond Packaging places top priority on producing and shipping customer’s products on time however we are not responsible for any difficulty, loss or damage arising due to the delay in shipping. Customers are required to accept that we are not liable for any delay because of weather or customs’ issues since these are not controlled by the Beyond Packaging. Customers’ order(s) cannot be cancelled due to any delay in printing or the shipping however expedited charges can be refunded under certain conditions. Beyond Packaging has production facilities available in the USA, UK and in Asia. Our production department decides the best production facility based on various factors such as the nature of the job and it’s required turnaround. If there are any certain requirements for the production facility, customers are advised to notify beforehand.
Customers are required to make payments of any custom duties/fees when products are shipped to their locations and it is a customer’s duty to clear custom amounts for shipping the products outside of the USA. Beyond Packaging provides the shipping out time before each order however our standard time is 4-6 Business days for products to be shipped out while 3-5 Business days for rushed productions (And 2-4 Business days for ground shipping) to anywhere within the USA without any limitation towards the shipment weight or quantity. Multiple address shipping and address changing/corrections will be charged an additional amount. Beyond Packaging will not be blamed for any shipment loss however an official claim can be filed after 6 days of the shipping out date. Customers can request a shipment tracker if and when provided by Beyond Packaging however we are not liable to give one out.
*All Packaging Materials are shipped Flat and/or Pre-assembled*

Changes to our Website and Terms & Conditions

Beyond Packaging has the right to modify or replace any section of our website or Terms and Conditions at any time with/without any prior notice to the customers of Beyondpackaging.us. Any new changes will be effective immediately the moment they are updated therefore any user that visits our site after the changes is in agreement with those changes.

Blind Shipping

Beyond Packaging offers blind shipping for resellers who’d like to sell and ship out materials directly to their clients through their own brand, channel, website or stores.

Contact Us

In case of any query or information, email us at support@beyondpackaging.us or call us at +1 (716) 302 5005